Monster Parade

Space Godzilla

When Toho revived the Godzilla series in the 80’s they mostly played it safe with the Big G’s adversaries. They were generally either revamps of 1960’s monsters or they were creatures that had somehow evolved out of Godzilla himself. Space Godzilla is such a creature. He is somehow born of Godzilla cells that either Biollante or Mothra left in space that got sucked into a black hole and mutated and … I don’t know, became big and crystaline and kinda boring. I have a hard time remembering what happened in the movie. That’s not a good sign.

King Seesar

King Seesar is an ancient guardian monster who awakes to assist Godzilla in his first battle against Mecha-Godzilla in the 70’s movie, Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla.


The 1990’s Gamera trilogy is my favorite series of giant monster movies. Gamera the fire breathing, flying turtle is reinvented from a “Friend to All Children” to an often ruthless “Guardian of the Earth”. This new Gamera is a bioweapon created by ancient civilization to fight other, less friendly monsters also created by said civilization. In the third movie we discover that our Gamera is the last of many Gameras when a Gamera graveyard is found in the sea of Japan. Dammero is my take on a Gamera that decided to change its destiny.


Fan art of fan art. I liked Tygiras’s big green monkey so much I did a version of him myself.

3 thoughts on “Monster Parade

  1. I like the glowing backgrounds. They make it seem like the figure is in a three dimensional space.

  2. Tygiras here I have been having trouble with the site where I can’t access member sections or even leave comments, They say its either my service provider or my browser so hopefully when I switch to a new service provider that’ll clear things up…but I have been wanting to tell you that your rendition of Quake is AWSOME!!! I have never seen anyone do one of my characters before and it is really a compliment! He looks fantastic the lightening and the enraged expression all I can say is WoW!!!You did a wonderful job! Any chance that I might get to see how your rendition of Tygiras might look? That would be awsome too!But in any case I really loved how Quake turned out!

  3. Glenn –

    Thanks! I love my Photoshop. And I still barely use a fraction of its features.

    Tygiras –

    Glad you liked Quake. I’ll certainly consider doing a version of Tygiras. Tygiras rocks! He’s got a sleek powerful design that looks great. I wouldn’t be able to do an illustration anytime soon though. I’m swamped.

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