Christmas At Our House

Wednesday Nizzibet spent the day with a friend preparing pans of baklava and spanakopita that she and I delivered to friends that night. Usually to friends that we knew were going to be busy (or had kids, or had been sick) and unlikely to have time for cooking.

Last night we got together with Evil Genius (Race Car Version) at his sister L’s in Newcastle. Their father died last week and the memorial was yesterday. So dinner was leftovers of the food from the memorial. Much wine was consumed and there was much signing of Irish folk tunes. Delightful. We’re going back again tonight. There’s still food to be eaten and once Evil Genius and his wife and his kids and his other sister and her husband go home there’s only L and one daughter to eat it. We have to help out.

Christmas Eve we’ll be spending a couple of hours with the friend that partnered with Nizz on the cooking Wednesday. She’s married with four insane children. They’re the best kind of insane kids because they have no fear of strangers. I can pick ’em up and toss ’em around.

Later in the evening we’ll go to JayDogg and TwoM’s for dinner and an exchange of gifts.

And Christmas?

Christmas we’ll go to church for service. It’s only an hour in honor of the holiday. Thank heavens.

Then it’s home. We’ll open whatever presents we’ve given each other (and she’ll probably out do me, she usually does). We’ll toss a fake log on our fire and watch movies on the TV. And nap.

Monday I don’t have to go to work. So more naps. Maybe some house cleaning. We’ll see.