Nine hundred seventy-four dollar, fifty-four cents. That’s how much an enterprising thief somewhere in the Philipines managed to such out of my bank account in the last two days. Not somewhere in the Philipines – out of ATMs addressed as Tierra Nueva Muntinlupa and Alfaro, Makati City. Merry Christmas twerp.

That ATM card has been cancelled. I’m grumpy.

3 thoughts on “$974.54

  1. Uh. This doesn’t mean you’re out $974.54, does it? I mean, it’s insured or something, right?

    $974.54 is a lot of grumpy.

    Kent’s all ready to leap into research if need be.

    And, um, Happy New Year!

  2. Based on my conversation with my bank I should be getting the money credited back to my account. Not right away. There’ll be an “investigation”. That’s supposed to take a week or so. Then they’ll credit the money a week or so after that.

    Fortunately rent is already paid and the refrigerator is stocked and I have an unused credit card for an emergency. It’s a pain but doesn’t seem to be a disaster.

    So I’m up for a Happy New Year!

  3. Bastards. Shouldn’t be a problem, though – as long as you can prove you weren’t in the Phillipines when it happened. Send ’em the phone log – if anybody called those days. 🙂

    Eric the Ex-Co-Worker

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