Compensating for the Logo

I’ve made a minor adjustment to the illustration. Our damsel in distress got her position shifted in order to make sure that Chaosium’s logo doesn’t get slapped on her during production. The feminist in me wants to have her doing something other than being a Willie but I don’t know what I could have her doing that wouldn’t make the image even busier. Weilding a gun? A machete? She’s really not dressed for hunting. She seems like she was along on the safari for the scenery not the shooting of the exotic animals. I did give her boots at least. The woman in the image I was using for photo reference didn’t have those.

One thought on “Compensating for the Logo

  1. The woman in the picture you used for reference? The link leads to a pic of an African shield. No woman in sight.

    What, you’re not one of those illustrators who just goes ahead & “fixes” the scene to his tastes? Like, making the chick even more scantily clad (& bustier) than the text describes?

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