Dental Surgery

Yesterday Nizzibet spent four hours getting her teeth deep cleaned and, most importantly, having a cracked, infected tooth removed. There’s more work in future. Seems that many of her old fillings are cracked and leaking mercury. She goes back on Monday to have that taken care of. This weekend she’ll be ensconced on the couch buzzed on Vicodin and getting treated better than a queen. At least better than I’d be interested in treating a queen. I don’t think much of queens.

3 thoughts on “Dental Surgery

  1. More like make her protein shakes and keep her feet wrapped and warm. She had me prep a roast for baking last night. She got ambitions to chew.

  2. Hmmm, roast beef in a blender…I don’t know if that is what I look forward to in a protein shake…

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