As Of This Morning

And here is what the illustration looked like at 6:45 this morning. This is with all the layers on. The progress fascinates me. I’m trying to recreate an image that I saw with my mind’s eye. What I end up creating will look sort of like that image. It will never look exactly like it. The image in my mind has movement. It’s a movie clip. I’m trying to draw a frame of a movie that doesn’t exist.

4 thoughts on “As Of This Morning

  1. This proves again why David Lee Ingersoll is in my opinion the finest artist ever to grace the pages of the The Black Seal and Worlds of Cthulhu, and quite possibly the next greatest thing to hit Call of Cthulhu covers. Personally I think he’s a very worthy successor to Tom Sullivan. Go David!

  2. Shucks.

    Not knowing who Tom Sullivan was I googled and … damn, I discovered that I do know his work. I’d be delighted follow his career path. That man does some damn fine work!

  3. Yes it’s great cover with minor defects. It’s brown. Those animal faces look bit funny and makes picture less scary. So maybe more blood on water and around that black investigator’s upper torso. And of course blood and drool on that monsters mouth. Then few dark clouds on the sky.

    Also it’s not quite cthulhuish, but it’s more like pulp cover. So I hope that they continue use his pictures because it’s greatest cthulhu cover art on this century(maybe malleus monstrorum is quite same league)

    And I hope that they will make poster from this picture.

    And I know/have seen, that those facial features are your style, so it’s not possible to change them. And why you should, because those makes your pictures alive and 3 dimensional.

    Great work keep on drawing.

  4. Thanks for the compliments Fatbloke. I’ll be drawing ’til I’m old and crazy.

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