Magic Trick

I like to leave myself something big for the end of the process. Something that makes a splash. Right now we’re in the Lots of Little Details stage. Much of that is adding shading and tone to give the image texture and depth. Some of that seems barely noticeable even to me.
And so much of it is brown. Brown. Brown. Want to make an art director crazy? Tell them that you’re going to give them a brown book cover. You might as well tell them that you’re going to do your best to make sure that their book doesn’t sell and that they never hire you again. And, boy, is this image brown. Highlighting will make a difference. That comes after I’ve finished the shading.
That final big splash of color will make all the difference. But later. Patience.

3 thoughts on “Magic Trick

  1. Thanks David! Always nice to hear when a monster’s parent likes someone else’s portrait of it.

  2. Well what can I say, this is exactly what I hoped for, and much more. Now I just wish you’d illustrated the whole book, and I know that is what readers will say when “Secrets of Kenya” is released. I hope Chaosium gives you much more work after this.

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