Again With The Artwork

Last version before Monday. I’m not going to have access to my computer until Sunday evening at the earliest. We’re still in the making tiny adjustments stage. I think I’m finally satisfied with the idol that our heroes are perched upon. It’s finally almost dark enough.

One of the challenges I’ve got is that I’m working on a early iMac. It’s a great little machine but the monitor has gotten a little tired. Everything looks darker on it than it does on other machines. So while the idol looks practically black on my home machine it’s been looking way too cheery and christmassy on when I look at the jpegs on the Mini here at work.

One thought on “Again With The Artwork

  1. Now that idol looks even greater, almost like jade. Somewhat transparent and mysterious light and crack patterns like there. Just final tinge is missing.

    What about those shadows low in left corner? I mean those animal faces.

    Of course monitor picture lies and I think that book cover with full colours will be best CoC cover ever.

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