It’s Not The Travel, It’s The Sitting Around

I’m functioning on way too little sleep. Nizzibet and I went down to Northern California to be part of a surprise birthday party. The party went great. The guest of honor was well and truly surprised. Much food was eaten, many great conversations were had, much alcohol was drunk, a car was pushed out of the mud, a porch collapsed, new people (and old friend’s new children) were met and a grand time was generally had. That was Saturday.

Sunday Nizzibet and I were supposed to fly out of the Oakland Airport at about 4:50. So we were dutifully there at 2:30. Where we quickly learned that our plane was delayed. And delayed. And delayed. We finally boarded and flew out of Oakland at around 10:30. After getting our car out of a long term lot in Seattle we made it home by about 2. So I didn’t get any new artwork done this weekend.