I Guess It Has Been Awhile Since The Last Post

Mainly I’m posting to demonstrate that I’m not dead.

Nizzibet and I are getting audited by the IRS. It’s not something I’m worried about. It’s more a nuisance than anything else. I fall into thoughts of; “Aren’t there rich people they could be bugging?” befoer I get philosophical and decide that this’ll probably happen to everyone sooner or later. Then I remember that I’ve been called for jury duty FIVE friggin’ times in my life – SO FAR – and start planning to be audited every 4 and a half years for the rest of my life.

Page eight of Oz Squad is sitting in Photoshop, getting colored in fits and starts.

There are way too many dirty dishes in the kitchen right now.

One of the Niz’s “properties” is being considered for a movie adaptation. Exciting in a “never count on anything coming from Hollywood” sort of way.