Content Adjustment

I’ve mentioned before that I sketch more than I write. It finally occurred to me yesterday that I’ve got a big stack of sketchbooks that I could use for filling up the empty spaces when I can’t get anything written. Which is most to the time these days.

The first thing I realized while looking through my sketchbooks is that I really don’t know when most of the content was created. I can guess approximate dates based on the subject matter. So after almost forty years I’m going to start dating my sketches as I do them. Not that this helps with anything that’s likely to get posted here.

Today’s sketch was probably done in the spring of 1998 while Nizzibet and I were putting together the first incarnation of Glyph. This was the magazine version. I had sixteen pages of Bonecage Graffiti, my follow up to Misspent Youths, in each issue. This sketch is of Moe, one of the many protagonists, at different ages and states of fashion.