Testing Blue Pencil

Another sketch from (probably) spring of ’98. This sketch as done with blue pencil and inked with a couple of sharpies. Many professional comic book artists do their penciling with non-photo blue pencils. It apparently saves the inker from having to erase the original pencils after he/she has inked them. I wanted to see if I could save time working in this method. The blue pencils are too hard for me to read and so made inking more chancy than I like.

On a different note, I hereby recommend Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. I was reading it on the bus this morning and missed my stop because I was so involved. This happened even while I was sitting next to a gentlemen who positively reeked of cigarettes. Normally the smell of cigarette smoke doesn’t affect me much but his smell was practically solid and I was looking forward to getting off the bus. And still the book sucked me in.