No Idea

Presumably spring/summer of ’98. It’s a screaming thing. Do I really need to explain a screaming thing? The guy in the upper right is probably the Raven. Though by 1998 he was no longer the Raven, or the Mongoose or any of the other names he’d had.

In the lower right is (I think) Kip Manley.

2 thoughts on “No Idea

  1. Looks like the Robin Williams character from ‘Robots’. Did he scream?

    Eric the Ex-Co-Worker

  2. He probably screamed. Doesn’t Robin Williams scream in every movie at least once? Excepting the movies where he’s playing a psycho of course. A murdering psycho instead of the kind he usually plays.

    I haven’t seen “Robots” though. Is it worth watching?

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