(Zaz)Sas(kwatch)quatch in the City

When I first ran across this sketch (and the others to follow in the next few days) I thought it was for a story I’d been developing for the Big Bigfoot Book. That would have meant it was done around the time of the San Diego Comic Con of ’95. Rick Klaw had talked about a book of sasquatch comics that he was putting together. I don’t remember if he asked me to contribute or not but his project inspired a story idea. Like many of my story ideas, Sasquatch in the City, remains just an idea.

But this isn’t one of those sketches. I found those recently while going through some of my other sketchbooks. This is from the time in 1998 when Labor of Love was getting ready to do GLYPH as a free monthly newsprint tabloid. I wanted to do something with a Northwest flavor. I also wanted to do something short and self contained. Trying to do sixteen pages of Bonecage Graffiti in each issue of the magazine version of Glyph had been a frustrating experience.

So I took the sasquatch character I’d created for the Big Bigfoot Book and started inventing short four page stories for him. The 16 panel grid up in the corner shows me starting to think about how to best use the larger pages that the free GLYPH was going to be printed on. I’ll eventually be posting the Zazkwatch stories over at the Skook comics site. (After I find my copies of Misspent Youths #1 so I can finish posting that story. It’s embarrassing how much unfinished stuff I’ve got out there.)