Preliminary Sketch for Anodyne Illustration

Probably from the fall of ’98 – I contributed an illustration to Anodyne, a free culture magazine published out of Portland. I’m going to have to dig through my back issues to find the final illustration. It was for a fiction piece.


My back has finally back in good enough shape for me to start hefting boxes around again. We’re missing some paperwork and receipts that are needed for our IRS audit next week and I’m pretty sure that said paperwork is stuffed in a box in our storeroom. So far I’ve determined where the papers are not. I’ll have another go at it tonight.

One bonus is that I found my Keenspace (now Comics Genesis) email printout with the passwords I needed to update the Sentient 39 site. So I’ve added entries for Glinda and Trot. These have been sitting on my computer since last year sometime. Glad to set them free at last.