Religious Debate

From the 1988 sketchbook –

I believe this is my first depiction of a Burrabb. The Burrabbs are one of many alien species populating my imagination. Initially the Burrabb were invented just for this image – two missionaries debating religion. Both the human and the Burrabb priests have come to convert the species in the background. Trouble is, neither priest is able to make any headway with their would-be converts. The convertees just can’t wrap their minds around the idea of a spiritual world. They can’t see it or taste it, they don’t care what happens when they die and aren’t interested in where the world came from. They are polite to the priests but that’s it. So the priests spend most of their time debating theology with each other.

More Burrabbs will show up as I scan other sketchbooks. As you can see from the link to the Burrabb bead crafter, the species has evolved somewhat. The latest versions hopely look more like aliens rather than stereotypical demons. Which is what I originally intended them to look like but the joke got old. Especially since I’m the only one I was telling it to.