Petrol, Lightning and Thunder

When Luvset and I were kids (ten and eleven or maybe eleven and twelve) we guest dj’ed on a friend’s radio show. The show was broadcast by Sonoma State University in Cotati. I don’t remember now how many times we were on – two, three times at the most. The friend dj’ed under the name Johnny Petrol. My bro and I went by the names Jack Lightning and Davey Thunder. It was a lot of fun. Somewhere in the world there might still be a tape or two of the broadcasts.

Years later, when I was getting ambitious about minicomics I asked Luvset to write a series and we revived Lightning, Thunder and our version of Johnny Petrol. And no, we didn’t ask our friend if we could use the character. We were self absorbed, punk kids. Permission is so polite.

Petrol is the guy in shades holding things up. Lightning is the guy with the vest. Thunder is the geek with the hat. I’ve never let anyone call me Davey. I hate the nickname. But for this character it just seemed appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Petrol, Lightning and Thunder

  1. I can see you’re getting more confident with the lizards – drawing them face-on.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  2. Nothing like drawing something a dozen times in a row to make you want to try drawing it from different angles and perspectives.

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