Brotherhood of the Grey Wound

A design for one of Aunt Hortense’s many detractors. This one appeared in the first issue of Glyph, the magazine version, in the Bonecage Graffiti serial. I just checked the magazine to make sure I got the name right. My memory said that he was a member of the Brotherhood of the Grey Wound. In the magazine he says he’s from the Brotherhood of the Wound. I suspect that, in the process of lettering the script, I decided that “Wound” fit in the space available better than “Grey Wound”.

I usually wrote my scripts 3 times. Once as just dialogue, a second time to fit the thumbnails and the third time as I did the lettering. Sometimes while drawing I’d fail to compensate for all the dialogue I’d written. Usually that meant I’d edit the dialogue down a bit. Sometime I’d just decide that the dialogue was necessary and too bad if the art got covered up. Stupid artist shoulda thoughta that.

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