Behold, A Paper Plate

More random sketches. Mostly. The three fingered hand belongs to a lizard. Probably to Aunt Hortense, the creature smoking the cigarette. What did you say? That she doesn’t look like a lizard? Does Mickey look like a mouse? Does Oswald look like a rabbit?

Aunt Hortense is the matron(? boss? guardian? keeper?) of the five lizards introduced back in 1988. By this sketchbook all the lizards had developed distinct personalities (at least to me) and distinct appearances (at least to me). Aunt Hortense was sort of inspired by the weird uncle/nephew relationships in Disney cartoons. We never know how exactly Donald and Mickey have nephews. Parents aren’t in evidence. The lizards seemed to need an authority figure so the authority figure became an aunt. I don’t know how she’s actually related to the other lizards. Some things just aren’t important.