Moe and Lili

Here we have Moe and Lili as they looked when I was doing Bonecage Graffiti.

Moe made his first appearance in my sketchbooks back in 1988 or 89. At the time he was just an illustration of a drunk guy with dreadlocks and a trenchcoat. Shortly thereafter he acquired his buddy Detritus and I drew my first comic featuring the two of them on a kitchen wall in Cotati, California.

Lili first appeared in The Highly Unlikely Adventures of Moe and Detritus #8, not physically, just as a reference to Moe’s friend with all the weapons. I don’t remember how she became a seven foot tall Puerto Rican amazon. The name came first. Lili Veracruz. I had a friend who was a five foot tall Puerto Rican amazon. Maybe she inspired Lili. It seems obvious that she had but I’d never associated the two until another friend asked about it. My friend is just a much sweeter person than Lili has an interest in being.