Meanwhile, Back in Oz

Today’s sketch is an alien with no backstory. It might have had one when I drew it but I don’t know it now. It doesn’t belong to any of the major species of my mental universe. I like the design though so I’m sure I’ll figure our something for it someday.


The covers for the Complete Annotated Oz Squad, Volumes 1 & 2 are finished. The first volume is now available at The second should be ready for sale in the next couple of days. You can take a look at the covers in all their glory on my Oz Squad history page. I’ve also updated the Who’s Who page to include Betsy Bobbin and Dorothy Gale.

Interestingly, you can get a copy of The Wizard of Oz through Lulu. I didn’t check to see if it came with illustrations or not. There are at least a couple of other Oz items there – a movie script for Wicked and a sequel to the Wizard titled, excitingly enough, Return to Oz. I’m not recommending either one. The Wicked script can’t be official or authorized. The first chapter of Return seems to be plagarized from the first chapter of the Wicked novel. I’ve no problem with fan art and stories but I think it’s in bad taste (and not legally smart) to charge for them. Put up a website and give it away.

One thought on “Meanwhile, Back in Oz

  1. Hey man… I just saw both covers. WOW! Very cool. I am impressed as always. Oh, and EVERYONE loves the pin-up you did for me. I’ll have to send you a copy of the Ashcan when San Diego is all finished. Have a great week man… and talk to you soon. And again, thanks.

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