Another 1995 sketch for the vampire project. The thing about comics, especially for the artist, is that even a short story involves drawing a lot of pictures. So it really helps if you’re in love with story. A really fast artist can charge through a story that he/she is uninterested in and be ready for something else fairly quickly. An artist being paid a living wage can stand to work on something he/she isn’t enamored by. But if you’re an artist working for free you really want to be grabbed by what you’re drawing. You’ll have to find time to draw the story in between work and socializing and chores. And you won’t make that time unless you’re working on something that lights you up. So it’s a good thing that the writer and I didn’t see eye to eye on what his protagonists should look like. I liked the story. It was something I would have enjoyed reading. But spending months drawing it? That would have been hard. It’s the sort of project I would say no to now. A dozen years ago I hadn’t learned that skill.