High Contrast

This is the last of the sketches from the vampire stripper project. Frank Miller’s Sin City had seen publication a few of years previously and Miller’s high contrast black and white work was very appealing to me. I was (and always am) also looking for ways to draw more quickly. Slow comic book artists don’t produce a lot of work. Usually I do a rough sketch with a light pencil, do a tighter drawing with a darker lead and then ink on top of it. This piece was inked straight from the rough sketch.

2 thoughts on “High Contrast

  1. Looks like Mr. T, Telly Sevalis and Dr. Zeus all share a common taste in strippers.

    Nice feet on the dancer.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  2. Thanks. Feet are interesting. I’m always impressed when I manage to get them right. It takes a surprising amount of practice to draw them well.

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