Spidey and the Zombies

Let’s here. The unfinished sketch at the top is Spider-Man. Spidey is my favorite superhero. That might be because he starred in the first comic book I ever owned – Amazing Spider-Man #103. I would have been seven years old. That’s a good time for heroes to imprint on you. It might also be because his adventures were enough of a mix of reality and fantasy that I could identify with him while I was busy escaping from my own life. He wasn’t rich. He had super powers but they weren’t so awesome that he had to be an idiot to have problems fighting his rogue gallery. Eventually, when I had disposable income, I probably owned and read runs of almost every major superhero but the web-slinger remains my favorite.

The guy on the left … don’t remember. He might be the pilot or mechanic of the really sketchy space ship on the right. I wish I had more affinity for mechanical things. I find cars and robots and engines fascinating but when it comes time to draw them it’s, well, work. Work that would no doubt become easier if I drew many many machines. Yeah, yeah. Practice, practice.

The other two characters are zombies. Zombies are fun to draw. They’re oozy and rotting and probably smell really really bad. I have an affinity for decay.