Cthulhu and the Pile

Uptop we have Cthuhu. This version is an attempt to combine Matt Howarth’s version with the H.P. Lovecraft winged and tentacled original. Both Howarth and Lovecraft have been big influences on my art. Howarth, being an artist, has been a more direct one than Lovecraft but they’ve both done their share of damage. Howarth generally writes his own stories (usually quirky scifi and horror featuring psychos and musicians) and draws in a style like no one else. Lovecraft, well, Lovecraft writes about hideous indescribable horrors that are just asking for someone to try depicting. The challenge is keeping the illustrations (and the creatures in them) strange and alien. Only a few artists do that well. I’ll leave it to others to decide if I get close to succeeding.

Downbelow we have the Pile from Misspent Youths. The Pile is a … pile … of sewer debris that came to life one day. He’s pretty good natured for such a creature. He’s got no grudge against humanity. He plays a pretty good harmonica.