Mostly Oz

Today’s Oz character sketches are not Oz Squad related. Back in 1995 when this page was sketched the only Oz project I was working on was Wild Nights in Oz with my brother, Glenn. These sketches aren’t related to that either. Some days I just feel like drawing Oz characters.

There’s a “rule” in writing children’s stories that girls will read (and enjoy) stories with boys as the hero, but boys won’t read (or even consider) stories with girls as the hero. Please. That rule was made up by weeny men that find tough independent women scary. Because they’re weenies they find tough independent females of any age scary. Dorothy Gale is one of my fictional heroes. She’s smart, she’s rational and she never says die. That’s a good role model for either sex.

This has been your uncaffeinated babble for the day.