Things to Do in the Emerald City When You’re Never Going to Die

This drawing got used to illustrate an essay by Fred Burke in the first issue of Glyph Magazine but I don’t think that I originally drew it for that purpose. I could be remembering wrong.


Real world update –

Enough. I’d like some time to get some artwork done please? I’m managing to get some work done here and there and some of the interruptions have been pleasant (the Ellen Forney reading on Wednesday for instance) but last night’s addition to the mess was just annoying. I got rear ended at a stop light. The back end of our Corolla is totalled, tail lights smashed, trunk pushed in. No damage to the other vehicle, a Ford truck from 1978. Its bumper went right over mine to do the squishing.

The driver seems like a good guy. The car should get fixed, whether by his insurance or by him directly I don’t know yet. I just don’t want to spend the time dealing with it, y’know? After a multitude of family ailments, the ongoing IRS saga, earlier car repairs and my own plain tiredness I’m ready to win the lottery now. What? No I don’t play. Another distraction.

Okay. Done with the whining for now.

4 thoughts on “Things to Do in the Emerald City When You’re Never Going to Die

  1. Those are definitely Judy Garland’s eyes on your Dorothy. Nice.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

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