With Inks by Pia Guerra

This illustration was for a party invitation for the first Halloween Nizzibet and I lived in Seattle. The inks on this piece were done by Pia Guerra. I’d met Pia back in ’91 at the big San Diego Comic Con. We worked on the first issue of a series called WEIRD Knights (me writing, she penciling) that never made it to the inking (much less publishing) stage. In ’93 we did a couple of stories (me writing, she penciling, me inking) for Millenium Press that saw print in Asylum #1. She has since gone on to fame and fortune as the artist for Y the Last Man.

3 thoughts on “With Inks by Pia Guerra

  1. I just read the first 3 volumes of the Y reprints. Big idea. Small results.

    Every male mammal has died and our hero wants to save his sperm for a girl in Australia who hasn’t even said whether she’ll … ulp … MARRY him? I don’t know. If it’d been much worse (like if the art was crap) I would’ve thrown volume one across the room. But, no, I made it through three (quick reads). Glad I didn’t shell out any money for it (checked ’em out from the lib).

  2. I’ve read the first three volumes via the library as well. I enjoyed it in a brain dead kind of way. Seems appropriate since the lead characters are basically brain dead. If every male in the world has died, except for a monkey and a self absorbed dork, would you, as the President, let him run around with only one secret agent protecting him? Would you let him run around at all?

    I’ll probably check out the later issues to see what happens but I’m not rushing.

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