Out of Neverland

This is one of the flying boys from Bonecage Graffiti. The flying boys were actually from another, even less finished project called Wild Shadows. When Nizzibet and I decided to put together the Glyph magazine anthology my contribution was to be a serial that featured many of the characters from Misspent Youths. It was an ambitious undertaking and would have eventually run over 300 pages. The flying boys were one of the Shadow Tribes; groups of humans who, through supernatural means, had become something other than wholy human. In their case, the flying boys (I never did come up with with a name for their tribe) were a tribe of eternally prepubescent boys who could fly as long as they stayed loyal to the tribe and never tried to grow up. Yes, they were inspired by the Lost Boys of Peter Pan, though in 1995 I was still eight years away from reading the novel. I’ve still never seen the Disney version of the story.

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