Weed Whacker

The head at the top right and the figure on the bottom right are from the story A Taste of Fertile Soil. They’re versions of a sort of otherworldly gardener. They hunt invasive “weeds” and removes them from the garden. In the context of the story the garden is the human race.

On the left we have our standard anonymous practice drawings. Pompadours are fun to draw. Never actually tried to wear one myself. I tend to favor the shaggy look.

2 thoughts on “Weed Whacker

  1. What’s with the four squarish rectangles? I see them on several of the drawings.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  2. The squares are leftovers from when the sketchbook was intended to be filled with the Bugfuck Palace comic. There’s a set of squares every four pages. Each chapter of Palace takes place at the beginning of an hour. The first chapter took place at 0100, the next was to be 0200, and continue to the last chapter at 2400.

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