What is the Sign?

I’ve been commissioned to illustrate a couple of t-shirts for The Black Seal. One of the illustrations is a colorized version of this picture. The other is a depiction of the King in Yellow. And with the King in Yellow there is usually the Yellow Sign. Unfortunately, the Yellow Sign that I’ve come to know and love is actually copyrighted (and possible trademarked) by Kevin Ross and TBS is good at respecting such things.

So I set about designing a new Yellow Sign. I figure that the Sign is probably not a fixed image. It’s much harder to defend against something that twists and mutates. So I narrowed things down to these six images and sent them off to Adam Crossingham and he showed them to the Cabal and now there’s another Yellow Sign. As to which one of these it is, well, when the t-shirt are available, then we’ll all know.

2 thoughts on “What is the Sign?

  1. Oops – the backwards 9 with the eyeball in it looks just like a Pokemon.

    I really like the dancing one (bottom of left column).

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

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