Unfinished Kaiju #1 – The Black Scorpion

Sometimes you’ve just got to admit to yourself that you’re not going to get a project done. That it’s time to set it aside and move on. When I first started contributing to the Kaijuphile Gallery I decided that I was only going to post what I considered to be finished work. I’d been posting to Epilogue.net for a couple of years by then and, while frustrated that Epilogue rejected art that I thought was good, I’d gotten to like the idea that a submission should be a finished piece. Since I started submitting to Kaijuphile I’ve had occasional bursts of creativity when I’ve begun multiple illustrations. One or two will get finished and the others will be set aside for “later”.

For the next few weeks or so I’m going to be showing the ones that aren’t going to be finished. My schedule has gotten a little too full for me to keep kidding myself that I’m going to dust them and get them ready for publication.

This one is of The Black Scorpion. I think this was the last film that had special effects by Willis O’Brien. The story concerned a group of giant prehistoric scorpions, released from their underground prison, going on a rampage in Mexico. I believe this drawing is from 2004.

4 thoughts on “Unfinished Kaiju #1 – The Black Scorpion

  1. All I can think of is, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road! Follow the Yellow Brick Road!”, chanted the Munchkins, looking forward to dinner. Tonight they would eat well.

    Eric the Ex-Coworker

  2. Best thing about that movie is when the Black Scorpions go on their rampage a big truck with loudspeaker drives around Mexico warning people…in English.

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