Unfinished Kaiju #3 – Robot Monster

This one was done sometime in 2005. It’s a reworking of a human sized b-movie monster as a giant monster. I did this with a few creatures; a giant Moleperson, a giant Jason Voorhees, and a giant Metalunan mutant as a superhero.

Today’s monster is a giant version of the Ro-Man from Robot Monster. I must confess that I haven’t seen the movie, but the Ro-Man’s budget costume of a gorilla suit with a diving helmet instead of the gorilla mask is legend. I tend to be under the delusion that any idea can have merit if approached correctly. All it may take is a few adjustments. It helps that I don’t have to come up with a story to go with the illustration.

I’ll also acknowledge the influence of Fantastic Four #137, one of the first issues of that series I remember reading. I don’t remember the actual story much, mostly just the climax featuring the Warhead, a giant gorilla with a gun bedecked Sputnik for a head, as it steps out of a drive-in movie screen.