Unfinished Kaiju #7 – Gorgo

Gorgo is one of the few giant monsters to trash London. Because I’m of the opinion that there should be more giant monsters stomping on more cities outside of Japan (in movies at least), I’m fond of ol’ Gorgo and his mother. It’s Gorgo’s mother that does the stomping even if Gorgo gets the movie named after him.

My version here looks very different from the movie. The movie Gorgos have … ears? fins? something on their heads that don’t match anything on either modern reptiles or what we can determine on fossil ones. So I gave this one the sort of display frills that some lizards have. I modeled the rest of its features after a crocodile. Gorgo was an ocean dweller. In modern times the only dangerous big reptiles wandering the oceans are the salt water crocodiles of Australia.