Unfinished Kaiju #9 – The She-Creature

I saw the She-Creature as a kid. It was one of the those movies that played on Saturday afternoons on the Chiller Diller Theatre on channel 2. It wasn’t a Godzilla movie but it did have a monster if only a human sized one. The creature was created and played by Paul Blaisdell. It’s only as an adult that I’ve come to appreciate the skill and imagination that went in to Blaisdell’s costumes. Making an interesting looking creature on the budgets he was given must have been a huge challenge. Never mind how goofy the costumes looked. They were unique. They were memorable.

Today’s sketch is a re-imagination of the She-Creature as a giant. I’ve tried to keep the hallmarks of Blaisdell’s design while streamlining it and making it look more natural. That is, make it look more like a living amphibious creature rather than an interesting costume.