Party Beach Monster

I have an irrational affection for The Horror of Party Beach. The movie features some of the goofiest looking monsters you’re likely to see so, of course, I feel a need to take care of them and actually try to make them scary looking. The monsters are the corpses of drowned sailors that have been reanimated by radioactive waste. For some reason this means they’ve grown googly eyed fish heads and scales. Radioactive waste is so creative!

There are fish zombies littering my sketchbooks. The one finished version I’ve done can be found here. It was used for the cover of the webzine Decompositions last year.

5 thoughts on “Party Beach Monster

  1. It helps to know the titles of popular horror movies from the eighties on. Most of the titles were from the last ten years. Even old ones like Rear Window and The Birds have been remade recently.

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