Remaking the Not-So-Classics

One of the many comics projects I’d like to do Someday is a series of remakes of b-movies. If it were successful enough I’m sure I could think of others to adapt but currently are four movies I’d start with. And, yes, I’d make a few changes.

The Monster of Piedras Blancas – the biggest change here would be a redesign of the monster. The story itself simple and sensible enough that I don’t see a reason to mess with it much. I’d probably flesh out the characters some and either make the boyfriend less of an idiot or have the creature rip his head off.

The Horror of Party Beach – I’d make the biggest changes to this one, enough changes that, frankly, it’s not the same story and I could call it something else if I felt like it. No one would know. Except you folks. Gone would be the radioactive waste, the mammy housekeeper and the ridiculus sodium bomb resolution, even the beach. Instead we’ve got fish sauce, chili sauce, dueling restauranteurs and a lake infested with fish zombies.

The She-Creature – This would be a fairly straight forward adaptation – a noir detective story with a literally monstrous killer at the center.

The Milpitas Monsterredesign the monster and make the story much much creepier. Actually have the monster kill some people.

Maybe Someday.