S.K.I.G. Row 3

Another pass at drawing friends and roommates from the S.K.I.G. Row days. These versions are less simplified but still very cartoony.

The girl with the big mouth was inspired by my dear friend Cindy. I don’t know if Cindy likes to argue or if she just considers arguing an important part of life. Either way, Cindy is a very good arguer. She’s also a very good peacemaker. I’ve seen her talk very drunk dudes at loud parties into behaving themselves. It seemed like either Cindy was at the Row or I was at her place almost every day.

The guy with the soul patch is based on Ryan Kursh, the original K in S.K.I.G. Row. Ryan passed away a few years ago.

The guy with the bowl hair cut is based on John Gerboth, the G in S.K.I.G. The bowl cut is a simplification of the eccentric hair cuts he regularly got. They tended to be odd asymmetrical things that probably would have looked like I was being sloppy if I’d tried to draw them.


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