The Genie in the Corner

I read to Nizzibet at bedtime. We’ve gone through the last few of Caroll O’Connell’s Mallory novels, most of Thomas Perry’s Jane Whitefield novels, quite a bit of Ursula K. Leguin’s fiction and sundry other stories this way. Currently we’re reading Lynn Hightower’s Lena Padgett series. We’re on the second installment Fortunes of the Dead.

Years ago, between me reading to her, Nizz would tell me stories. One of those stories was about a boy named Under and his adventures with a genie named Hajinn. The fellow with the horns in the upper right is Hajinn. One of these days, hopefully, Nizzibet will write the story down and shop it around to publishers. There were quite a few clever bits in the story that I’ve never seen duplicated.