Wizard and Film Festival

The Wizard (of Oz) is the only character on the page who is someone specific. He’s the gentlemen at the top there. I usually base my sketches of the Wizard on the Neill version. Neill’s Wizard doesn’t match his description in the text. Baum invariably says that the Wizard is as bald as an egg and “little”. Neill invariably drew him with a lively fringe of hair and the proportions of a tall man.


Last night’s film festival was an interesting contrast to this weekend’s film festival. All of last night’s shorts were technically well done, that is, they were obviously made by people who knew how to record sound properly, light their subjects clearly and (mostly) edit their film in an effective rhythm. Most of the films last night didn’t tell stories. That’s an observation, not a complaint. SJ’s film had the clearest narrative. It was a fun piece. Red Riding Hood is adorable, the Wolf even more so.