Lili, Lion, Scarecrow and Jughead

Let’s see now …

In the upper left is Lili Veracruz. Lili is always fun to draw. She’s familiar. And she’s massive – seven feet tall. Depending on what age I’m drawing her that mass can be sleek or it might have body fat.

To the left are two views of the Lion in his human form. Since this page is from ’97 this Lion is the Lion from Beastie’s Oz. I’d stolen the idea that the Lion could become human while on earth from Steve Ahlquist’s Oz Squad. I figured that if I ever developed Beastie into an actual published comic I’d either figure out a good reason while he was human that had nothing to do with Steve’s reasons or I change that aspect of the story. I also figured that if I developed Beastie into a published comic I call it something other than Beastie. Currently (in 2006) this is what the Lion is likely to look like if he turns human in Oz Squad.

In the bottom right is the Scarecrow from Beastie. He’s the same Scarecrow that Dorothy met when she first arrived in Oz. He’s now living in Europe, playin saxophone in a jazz band. He goes by the name Buster. I figured that since the Tinman’s name was Nick both the Lion and the Scarecrow should have proper names as well. I’ve forgotten what I named the Lion. I know it was something dumb like Leon. I figured I’d think of something better if needed.

Finally, we’ve got Jughead from Archie comics. Just because.

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