Misspent Youths – Glorious Results Thereof

(some of) The Misspent Youths gang fifteen years later –

From left to right-

Top row –

Lili Veracruz, Moe, K.Z. O’Neil

Middle Row –

Trouble Coyote (not actually aged a day, I was tired and forgot what I was doing with the characters), Samuel (formerly Detritus), Buffy Crawfield
Bottom Row –

The guy from the fifth issue who wanted to kill everyone at Burger Bopper because his girlfriend was cheating on him, The remnants of the Pile, Treacher Murphy

5 thoughts on “Misspent Youths – Glorious Results Thereof

  1. I’ve got bios for all the characters from birth to death. Some have more details than others. And the details change depending on whether I’m thinking they exist in the original MY universe or if I’ve transposed them in another one. Many of them get re-envisioned as supporting players in other series. (Series that usually don’t even show up in my sketchbooks. Sigh. So, honestly, ideas for other series would be more accurate.)

    Ever so often I consider the idea of drawing and posting a new sketch every day. But there have been weeks where I’ve barely gotten pencil to paper. So that idea quietly floats away.

  2. Misspent Youths may return… Ah, here is something I know… I look forward to(miss)spending more time with them..

    Love your blog David


  3. The real reason Trouble Coyote hasn’t aged is because I haven’t. Don’t look a day older (or a pound heavier) than I did when we first met.

  4. John –
    Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully the gang will return before I’m too old to remember what a misspent youth was like 🙂

    Schuyler –
    Unlike me, who has become rounder and more weathered. But then, I didn’t put myself in the comic (at least not directly).

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