Sunday Morning Oz Squad

I’ve recently posted new color portraits on the Oz Squad Who’s Who page –
Button Bright
The Cowardly Lion
Nick Chopper
Some Orks
and the Wizard

These are the first portraits that are done straight color, no greytone work. These are also the last portraits I’m likely to post until I get an Oz Squad webpage set up and that’s really only in the vague thinking stage. At this point now I’ve got images and short bios of all the major players that I can write authoritatively about. Yes, there are some important characters that are missing. Some of them are dead in the Oz Squad world. Some have had major changes to their character or appearances since the original Baum novels and I don’t know enough about the history of those changes to write about them.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Oz Squad

  1. Dave… as always love the Oz Squad Who’s Who. Cool stuff. 🙂

    You’ll have to let me know when you have the Oz Squad web page up.

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