King Roach part 3

A sketch of one of King Roach’s adversaries. I had the idea that many of his enemies would be giant twisted versions of various warrior archetypes – giant knight, giant samurai, giant Aztec warrior, giant Maori warrior, giant zulu warrior, etc.

4 thoughts on “King Roach part 3

  1. I like the little guy, well, normal-sized guy. I just want to know how he came to be so close to the sword. Did the giant scare him with his sword, or did the guy walk up next to the sword while asking some other passing tourist to take his picture?

  2. He was posing in front of some local monument with four of his buds while a fifth bud was preparing to snap their picture. The giant knight is a big ham and decided to get in the picture.

    Oops. Looks like he squished all the buds.

  3. I’m impressed that the 5th bud still took the picture. And you’d think the 4th guy would have been looking at his squashed friends, must have been as it happened as opposed to seconds later.

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