King Roach Characters 1999

In this, the series original incarnation, there were three main characters –

Brian Daniels, our hero (protagonist anyway) who turns into a giant monster. (For those of you who noticed – yes, Brian Daniels was the name of the scientist who transformed into the Alpha Beast. The name has been given to about a half a dozen different characters over the years, all white males. None of them have ever made an appearance in print.) His only appearance on this page is the center sketch. He’s the short one in the middle.

Lucas Braeburn, sidekick number one. He’s the one with the widows peak (mostly, in the upper left is an earlier, shaggier version) and the evil schemes.

Sidekick number two whose name currently escapes me. He’s the one with the glasses who wishes he could turn into a giant monster and thinks Brian doesn’t appreciate how cool it is to turn into a giant monster.

There’s also some guy with an earring and his mouth open. Probably some school yard bully.