King Roach Renamed

When I first imagined the King Roach series I was thinking of serializing it as a webcomic. So I looked around to see if there was already a comic (or a comic character) called King Roach. Turned out that there was. At the time there was even a website that featured the comic. Rather than get attached to the name I started thinking of something else. It took a while but I came up with another name that I like quite a bit better. I’m keeping that name to myself for now and continue to refer to the character as King Roach. That other King Roach doesn’t appear to be active at the moment. Someone still holds the registration but there’s nothing there right now.

2 thoughts on “King Roach Renamed

  1. David–

    This isn’t a comment on the abdication of King Roach. Rather, I’d like to send you an email about OZIANA magazine, which I mention on my Oz and Ends blog profile. I’m looking for artists who might be interested in working on it, and you know I like your Oz work!


    J. L. Bell
    Editor of OZIANA
    the creative magazine of the
    International Wizard of Oz Club

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