King Roach Protagonists

More sketches of the King Roach kids. Brian Daniels, our hero, is the inked drawing at the bottom.

Busy day for me today – running errands, taking a friend to the airport, seeing our nephew for his birthday. And it’s raining. Yay rain!

4 thoughts on “King Roach Protagonists

  1. Simon was sitting next to me, waiting for SilkRoad online to finish downloading. He is now working out how Brian Daniels became King Roach. It is sort of a The Fly kind of thing he’s got going.

  2. I’d be interested in knowing what he comes up with. I’m being vague about the details here because, if I ever do make the opportunity to do the series I want there to be surprises.

  3. Simon story is thus:

    Brian Daniels parents are scientist who have built a cloning machine. Somehow a cockroach gets caught up with their son’s DNA and they make a freakish Brian Daniels cockroach beast. After they freak out for a while, and that was cool that he included freakout time, they come up with away for him to alternate between the cockroach side and the human side.

    It is, I think, inspired by The Simpsons The Fly episode, which is based on the original and not on the remake. He’s never seen The Fly, either one.

  4. I think I saw Return of the Fly when I was about ten and it freaked me out pretty well. I’ve still got images from that movie burned into my imagination. And that was the one with the happy ending.

    Simon’s idea is both pretty neat and completely different from mine. If he’s inspired to do anything with it in the future he certainly has my permission. (Not that he’d need it.)

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