Giant Bug / Jeremy Loader

The pencil sketches are an attempt to design a giant moth monster that resembled Mothra but wasn’t Mothra. I thought it would be amusing to have analogs of all the main Japanese giant monsters make appearances in the King Roach series. The Mothra analog was to have vast wings made of glowing energy. The wings would both allow her to fly and would function as weapons.

The two inked figures at the bottom right are from the story Jeremy Loader Never Could Pick Up After Himself. The original story (written and inked by me, penciled by Pia Guerra) appeared in Asylum #1 back in the early nineties.

While I thought Pia did an excellent job illustrating the story I’d originally planned to draw it myself. Because of this the characters still live in my head in ways that characters created for collaborations usually don’t. The crazed postman in other story that Pia drew doesn’t live in my imagination. I created him knowing that Pia would be drawing him and so never formed any mental picture of him.