It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like …

I’m not a religious person. All religions make as much (or as little) sense to me as any religion I’d make up myself. It does seem to me that there’s something (?)Spiritual(?) in the universe, something connecting it all together. I’m also willing to consider that that perception is a comforting delusion. It’s certainly not worth arguing about.

Nizzibet is a church goer. Occasionally I join her. Usually when someone I know is speaking or singing. Or on holidays that are important to her.

I’ve offered to be available when the church needs cleaning or there’s some community service that needs doing (I’ve helped a couple of older people move). I also put together the church bulletin each week. Most weeks I chose the image for the cover from public domain art or photos I find on the internet. This month I’ve been doing original art on these weeks leading up to Christmas. This piece was from two Sundays ago.