Sasquatch Literacy Program

I did this illustration for the front of a thank you card in 2000. After a year of managing the Southcenter Half Price Books I’d finally gone to the main office in Dallas for training. This involved touring the Dallas area stores, hanging out with other new managers, meeting Sharon “Boots” Wright and the rest of the executive staff and generally having a grand time. Upon my return to Seattle I did up a card (the final art was in color) and sent thank yous to some of the people I’d met while in Texas. I’d meant to send thank yous to everyone but unfortunately I ran out of steam about halfway through the list.

I left Half Price Books soon after. Nizzibet and I moved to Portland and I ended up working as Assistant Manager at the Powells minifranchise at PDX. Sigh. I miss working in bookstores.

2 thoughts on “Sasquatch Literacy Program

  1. You mean someone I spent 4 days with as part of a group 7 years ago (most of whose names I’ve forgotten) isn’t giving me a second thought?

    What a relief!

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